WWDC Blast

Early this morning we and our friend Alex C. Schaefer launched a new project of special interest to iOS and Mac developers. WWDC Blast is a free service to inform you via SMS the very moment that WWDC tickets go on sale. With tickets having sold out last year in under two hours, there’s no better time to automate this. We won’t spam you, we won’t sell your information, we just like the idea of keeping people as informed as possible. Check it out.

Technically, this project was a fun one. It’s the first web app we’ve launched, and while the guts aren’t incredibly complicated, we’re integrating lots of cool services and frameworks to make some magic happen. We’re using Heroku, Twilio, S3, Twitter Bootstrap, MixPanel, and some other cool stuff that isn’t even user-visible yet. And the list goes on.

Most fun of all is that we put together the whole thing, soup to nuts, concept to launch, in under four days. That’s right: the initial idea was broached Monday morning. We launched early early Friday.

Not bad.

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