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Hi folks. Joel here. It’s been a while since this blog has been up to much, hasn’t it? Well, after a lot of privately-owned work about which I was not meant to blog, I’ve got something I can talk publicly … Continue reading

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Big News. As you may know, in October of 2012 Jerry and I left our day jobs in order to start Spaceman Labs. Our goal was to leverage our extensive knowledge and category-spanning experience on Apple mobile devices to build … Continue reading

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Why Now? Why Me? Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about adding personality and interest to apps with subtle animation, rather than with complex textures. As an animation guy from old times*, I couldn’t be happier about this new focus … Continue reading

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SMPageControl: UIPageControl’s Fancy One-Upping Cousin

If you’ve ever spent any time at Dribbble, you know how much designers love to customize UIPageControl, normally in the form of custom spacing or fancy inset looking page dots. As a developer, you’re probably also keenly aware of the … Continue reading

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Things I Learned at Siggraph

Our legions of dedicated fans (hi Mom) may have noticed a dry spell in the posts of late.  This is partly because I spent last week in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., attending the annual Siggraph conference.  In between time spent watching … Continue reading

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Localizing your US States array

Suppose you have a whiny co-worker who insists that all user-facing strings be localized. That’s what scripting tools are for, right? Specifically sed, in this case. sed ‘s/@”[^”]*”/NSLocalizedString(&, nil)/g’ This little script will match NSStrings and replace them with a … Continue reading

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US States in an NSArray

Save yourself a little typing time, take advantage of mine. [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”Alabama”, @”Alaska”, @”Arizona”, @”Arkansas”, @”California”, @”Colorado”, @”Connecticut”, @”Delaware”, @”Florida”, @”Georgia”, @”Hawaii”, @”Idaho”, @”Illinois”, @”Indiana”, @”Iowa”, @”Kansas”, @”Kentucky”, @”Louisiana”, @”Maine”, @”Maryland”, @”Massachusetts”, @”Michigan”, @”Minnesota”, @”Mississippi”, @”Missouri”, @”Montana”, @”Nebraska”, @”Nevada”, @”New … Continue reading

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