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Blocks: A Retain Ménage à Trois

This is a topic that I have considered writing about for some time now; in fact, I have a draft post from 2011, right after I finally decided to start using blocks. That post touched on a few areas of … Continue reading

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UICollectionView’s backgroundView property is horribly broken

I want to love UICollectionView, I really do. But it continues to give me reasons to complain about it instead. I was working on some iOS 7-ish UI in our yet-to-be-announced project and trying to use the backgroundView property of … Continue reading

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Custom View Controller Transitions in Landscape

Recently, Jerry wrote about a really cool view controller transition we put together, SMLBookshelfTransition. As you can tell from that post, we’re really excited about all the possibilities this new API provides. You might have noticed though that Jerry made … Continue reading

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