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Mistakes Were Made: Description Isn’t Enough

It’s my turn to take a crack at a “Mistakes Were Made” post, and this one happens to be about my first post on this blog. If you didn’t happen to catch that one – it was a post about … Continue reading

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All in the Timing: Keeping Track of Time Passed on iOS

Imagine you’re writing a game called Small Skyscraper. It’s one of a certain type of freemium game: it’s not particularly difficult, but achievements take a lot of time. You make money by selling in-app purchases to reduce the amount of … Continue reading

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Lion: Breaking the Boundaries

New operating systems always bring so much to be annoyed by. In an attempt (perhaps already failed!) to look less like a curmudgeon, I’m going to talk about one of these things in a constructive way. Full-Screen Animations in Non-Full-Screen … Continue reading

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CFTree Is Leaking It’s Children

It’s 12:40 AM, and I’ve got a client related deadline tomorrow afternoon – so what am I doing writing a blog post? The real answer is: I’m not really sure; but the more relevant answer is: Because this took far … Continue reading

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