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Why Now? Why Me? Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about adding personality and interest to apps with subtle animation, rather than with complex textures. As an animation guy from old times*, I couldn’t be happier about this new focus … Continue reading

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SMPageControl, Meet UIAccessibility

A while back we introduced SMPageControl, our drop in replacement for UIPageControl with a slew of extra bells and whistles. It was surprisingly well received, and is by far the most popular bit of open source code we’ve released to … Continue reading

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Countries of the World in an NSArray

Continuing our popular series of lists we’ve typed in so you don’t have to (although this one is thanks to sed). Caveats: scraped from a random source on the internet; may not be accurate; provided for entertainment/lorem ipsum purposes only. … Continue reading

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Mistakes Were Made: Description Isn’t Enough

It’s my turn to take a crack at a “Mistakes Were Made” post, and this one happens to be about my first post on this blog. If you didn’t happen to catch that one – it was a post about … Continue reading

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Integers in Your Collections (NSNumber’s not my friend)

Early on in the days of learning Cocoa, I remember coming across a situation where I had a bunch of integers that I needed to keep around, but wasn’t immediately sure about how to go about doing that using an … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Drawing Right Side Up With Core Text

Anyone who has decided to explore using Core Text on iOS has probably noticed that everything is drawn upside down. This is because Core Graphics contexts that have been created with functions provided by UIKit (such as UIGraphicsBeginImageContext, or the … Continue reading

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Mistakes Were Made: Initialize Your Locals

“Mistakes Were Made” may or may not end up being a post series where we talk about actual things we have done wrong, and the lessons thereby learned.  The uncertainty is about whether revealing all this stuff will make us … Continue reading

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(More) Descriptive Logging

Update 9/30/11: This blog post isn’t quite complete. Have a look at Description Isn’t Enough, and remember to use debugDescription as well. Joel and I have been discussing the kinds of content we’d like to work on putting in our … Continue reading

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Localizing your US States array

Suppose you have a whiny co-worker who insists that all user-facing strings be localized. That’s what scripting tools are for, right? Specifically sed, in this case. sed ‘s/@”[^”]*”/NSLocalizedString(&, nil)/g’ This little script will match NSStrings and replace them with a … Continue reading

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US States in an NSArray

Save yourself a little typing time, take advantage of mine. [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”Alabama”, @”Alaska”, @”Arizona”, @”Arkansas”, @”California”, @”Colorado”, @”Connecticut”, @”Delaware”, @”Florida”, @”Georgia”, @”Hawaii”, @”Idaho”, @”Illinois”, @”Indiana”, @”Iowa”, @”Kansas”, @”Kentucky”, @”Louisiana”, @”Maine”, @”Maryland”, @”Massachusetts”, @”Michigan”, @”Minnesota”, @”Mississippi”, @”Missouri”, @”Montana”, @”Nebraska”, @”Nevada”, @”New … Continue reading

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