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CALayers v. CGLayers, or, Which Layer, Player?

What’s the Deal? An evergreen source of confusion for developers new to graphics on iOS is the existence of multiple Apple-provided graphics frameworks, and multiple “layer” objects within those frameworks.  We’re told to use Core Animation for compositing and animation, … Continue reading

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(More) Descriptive Logging

Update 9/30/11: This blog post isn’t quite complete. Have a look at Description Isn’t Enough, and remember to use debugDescription as well. Joel and I have been discussing the kinds of content we’d like to work on putting in our … Continue reading

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Natural Scrolling is Natural

For the first 24 hours using Lion, I was beyond frustrated with the fact that scrolling was now “backwards”. Every time I’d move my mouse to a window and scroll, I’d have a jarring moment where my brain would cringe … Continue reading

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Localizing your US States array

Suppose you have a whiny co-worker who insists that all user-facing strings be localized. That’s what scripting tools are for, right? Specifically sed, in this case. sed ‘s/@”[^”]*”/NSLocalizedString(&, nil)/g’ This little script will match NSStrings and replace them with a … Continue reading

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US States in an NSArray

Save yourself a little typing time, take advantage of mine. [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”Alabama”, @”Alaska”, @”Arizona”, @”Arkansas”, @”California”, @”Colorado”, @”Connecticut”, @”Delaware”, @”Florida”, @”Georgia”, @”Hawaii”, @”Idaho”, @”Illinois”, @”Indiana”, @”Iowa”, @”Kansas”, @”Kentucky”, @”Louisiana”, @”Maine”, @”Maryland”, @”Massachusetts”, @”Michigan”, @”Minnesota”, @”Mississippi”, @”Missouri”, @”Montana”, @”Nebraska”, @”Nevada”, @”New … Continue reading

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