Goodnight Safari

We’ve mentioned a couple of times over the past few months that there’s a side project keeping us busy. Today we are proud to announce that said project has shipped, and we can tell you all about it (except for stuff we’re contractually bound not to tell you).

Say hello to Goodnight Safari. It’s a digital storybook aimed at children ages two to four. It’s got a lot of interaction perfect for that age group, directing the story as well as incidental fun flourishes. We think the art is really beautiful, the interactivity is a ton of fun, and all said we’re extremely proud to have been involved in this project. Take a look at the publisher’s page for the book, or check it out at the App Store here.

A lot of our time and energy has gone into this, and we’ve played with plenty of new (to us) technologies along the way. In addition to the blocks stuff we’ve talked about earlier on the blog, and inspiring the development of Sim Deploy, we experimented with other ways to manage timing, with texture atlases, with audio and video. We ended up creating our own animation framework (which is now the IP of the client). The most fun part of this project was how it allowed us to get out of our comfort zones and learn a lot of new things in a lot of new areas. We’re very proud of what we’ve done, and we hope to have many more cool things to show you in the future.

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